“Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.” – Newton’s first law of motion.

If you need to increase the velocity of change in your organization, the best way to infuse energy and spark new ideas is through focused training. With our results-oriented training, Proj-Xperts can apply that external force to increase your velocity.

Employees learn more quickly and apply their training sooner if what they learn is already in the context of their jobs. Proj-Xperts studies your specific needs and methodologies – then uses that information to develop the training material to meet those needs.

Technical Publishing

Based on your documents and business objectives, we customize courses in MS Word, Interleaf, Quicksilver and FrameMaker. To help your employees retain and quickly apply this new knowledge we demonstrate the features of the software in a real-world situation. High–level technical publishing skills they will learn include developing templates using variable content and understanding the strength of attributes. Your people will practice careful planning to develop and control styles for thousands of pages of documentation. They’ll acquire skills to do it right the first time – and to plan effectively for future needs.

Project Management

We use our unique methodology, Xpert Project Management (XPM™) – a Practical Approach, for each project we manage for our clients. We also teach a two-day course in this methodology at your site to a maximum of five students per class. We can bring all the necessary equipment such as computers, LCD projector, course booklets – all you supply is the room and students.

The results: what your project managers will learn.

  • How to scope a project by documenting objectives and identifying the resources – critical steps before any organization can obtain approvals to begin.
  • Identify and apply the resources, people equipment and funds. Set realistic schedules and monitor results. And most importantly, communicate at all steps of the project.
  • Manage the risks – first by identifying what they might be and taking the necessary steps to mitigate those risks by having effective options in place.

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What our
customers say. . .

”…Proj-Xperts took the time to clearly understand how we create our manuals. Samples of our documents were used for screen captures to demonstrate features of the software…”

“…courses include open discussion on not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’. Students came away with a better understanding...”

“…courses are rated 95% and higher by our students….”


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