Technical Publishing

“A force will cause a change in velocity; likewise, a change in velocity will generate a force.” – Newton’s second law of motion.

Technical publishing experts appreciate how a force pushing on one aspect of a project affects the velocity of another. You understand the importance of control and efficiency.

Control is critical when document sets are thousands of pages long and when regulatory requirements or product information change. Good control means every changes is easily incorporated into every page.

Proper control allows various people to input information without destroying the style or critical content of your documents. It means being able to make changes such as adding a graphic or removing a table without destroying their references. A well-controlled document suite allows automatic generation of tables of contents, indexes, lists of figures, lists of revisions and more
Efficiency ensures that publishing steps are fast and accurate. By using generic output tools such as HTML, XML or PDF formats, Proj-Xperts helps you get the information to market almost as soon it’s available.

Proj-Xperts has 15 years of experience in technical publishing. Our work with countless clients has given us a broad spectrum of experience in methodologies and software tools. Whether you need to update your technical publishing department or are looking to outsource your needs, Proj-Xperts is your ideal external force.


What our
customers say. . .

“…the Proj-Xperts team is integral to our technical manual workflow. They control our documents and return files ready for digital or paper distribution.

They have provided intelligent template development for a new look that is both functional and attractive…”

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