About us

“Perpetual motion is movement that continues indefinitely without any external
source of energy.”

Sometimes your perpetual motion isn’t producing the right results and you need an external source of energy... That’s where Proj-Xperts comes in to expertly move your project back onto the right track.

For two decades we have provided large-scale project management, technical publishing and training for government departments and major corporations across North America.

Led by Carla Klop, Electronic Document Professional (EDP) and Certified Project Manager (CPM), Proj-Xperts brings together the right expertise to solve your project challenges. Like the center ball in Newton’s Cradle, Carla keeps all her projects in perpetual motion with teams of expert professionals.

Proj-Xperts is a member of Xplor International and the International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM). Contact us today to get your projects in motion.

Our Services. . .

Project management
Custom Training for technical publishing software such as Interleaf, Quicksilver and MS Word, and project management
Technical publishing
eBook file creation including DRM
Consulting in the digital print and technical publishing industries
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